Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Keskiviikko 13.1.
14.00 - 15.00
Suoratoisto (YouTube)
Porthania I

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a global megatrend which has profound implications both on our work as well as on our society at large. From social media filters and automatic decision-making systems to surveillance and social credit systems, the deployment of AI systems raises a multitude of ethical concerns. How do we define ethically responsible and fair use of AI and further, who has the power to regulate AI? We will discuss these questions from a multidisciplinary point of view. Can we find answers in established theories of moral philosophy? Can technology itself solve some of the problems it has created? Do multinational corporations already have more power than governments? What can an individual citizen do?

  • Moderator: professor Teemu Roos (University of Helsinki)
  • Panelists: Assistant Professor Indrė Žliobaitė (University of Helsinki) and Senior Specialist Anna-Mari Rusanen (Ministry of Finance)